Fishing Operations 58433 NQF Level 3



This qualification is aimed at people who work or intend to work on board ship or fishing vessel as Deck Officer (Fishing under 24 metre) or Marine Motorman Grade 2 (on deck or in the engine room respectively), and those who seek recognition for essential skills in Fishing Operations. In particular, this qualification will be useful for the following people:

 Officers in charge of a navigational watch on fishing vessels under 24 metres.

 Chief engineer officer of a fishing vessel of less than 350kW propulsion power.

 Second engineer officer of a fishing vessel of less than 750kW propulsion power.

 Officer in charge of an engineering watch on a fishing vessel of less than 2000kW propulsion power.

This qualification is designed to equip qualifying learners with the knowledge and skills to conduct the essential operations associated with efficient and safe vessel operations, including fishing.

The qualifying learner will be able to:


  Contribute to safety and emergency related matters when working on a fishing vessel.

 Perform pollution prevention and pollution response duties and activities on a fishing vessel.

 Work effectively with other seamen and senior members on board a vessel.


The fishing industry is a priority area within the South African context and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies. In order to meet the requirements of the workplace it is important to be able to identify and recognise competent seamen at various levels. There is a critical need in the industry to identify and give recognition to people who are able to conduct the essential operations associated with efficient and safe onboard operations in at least one of the Navigation and Engineering functions under fishing, coastal or port operations.

This Qualification is the first in the learning pathway and will give learners working in the maritime industry generally,

and the fishing industry specifically the opportunity to build on experience or qualifications they already have, and complement their practical skills with the essential knowledge needed to earn a formal qualification in the fishing and maritime industry.


  Demonstrate knowledge of vessel construction and stability.

  Demonstrate an understanding of Marine Safety Information.

  Explain and operate echo sounders, speed logs, global navigational satellite systems and electronic plotters.

  Operate radar equipment.

  Demonstrate competence to plan and conduct a safe coastal passage.

  Explain and apply safety measures related to fishing operations, fishing gear and fish handling.

  Demonstrate an understanding of the Merchant Shipping Collision Regulations and amendments.


  Explain machinery spaces, construction and operation of equipment and propelling machinery on seagoing vessels.

  Select, use and care for engineering hand tools.

Select, use and care for engineering power tools.

Operate a centrifugal separator in the seagoing maritime industry.

Operate and carry out basic routine servicing of marine extra low and low voltage electrical systems.

  Carry out basic service checks on small vessel marine propulsion system.

Operate refrigeration equipment on board a vessel.

  Perform watch keeping procedures in the engine room of a seagoing vessel.


  Adjust and position crayfish traps.

  Catch fish using a pole and gaff.

  Demonstrate a basic knowledge of commercial fishing methods.

  Demonstrate knowledge of net mending and mend a net.

  Describe safe deck practices on a commercial fishing vessel.

  Identify current legislative and company procedures applicable to the fishing industry.

  Jig for squid.

  Maintain the equipment and vessel to pole fish.

  Maintain, prepare, deploy & retrieve crayfish traps to land catch.

  Maintain, prepare, deploy & retrieve fishing net to land catch.

  Monitor and control the implementation of safe working practices on a fishing vessel.

  Sort and handle raw seafood manually.

  Work on a deep sea commercial fishing vessel.

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