Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) is one of the 21 SETAs mandated to facilitate skills development and training in different economic sectors of South Africa. TETA’s areas of operation cut across rail, aerospace, maritime, road freight, road passenger, taxi, freight handling, and forwarding and clearing subsectors. The authority is committed to ensuring that through the implementation of the National Skills Development Plan (NSDP) a pool of individuals highly skilled, competitive and competent will function effectively within the transport sector is built.

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) was established on the 1st April 1998 under the SAMSA Act 5 of 1998.

The objectives of the Authority are-

  • To ensure safety of life and property at sea;

  • To prevent and combat pollution from ships in the marine environment; and

  • To promote the Republic's maritime interests.

As a local government sector education and training authority, LGSETA creates and implements various innovative skills development interventions aimed at assisting local government employees, the unemployed and other people such as ward councillors and traditional leaders working within the structures of local government.

We focus our efforts on ensuring that the way in which learners are trained and educated fulfils the requirements of the local government sector.